MScKin, PKin, Personal Trainer, Athlete

Professional Experience: 7 years

Education: BScKin Honours, MScKin

Certifications: RockBlades Basic and Advanced, FMT Cupping, FMT Flossing, NCCP Level 1 Sport Coach and Sprint/Hurdles, FMT

Background: Troy is a high-level athlete with a love of teaching. He began coaching in 2013 during his tenure at the University of New Brunswick in which he coached athletics on the field and instructed in the classroom. A relative newcomer to Calgary, Troy represents Canada internationally as a member of the Canadian Skeleton Team with the goal of racing at the Winter Olympics. While he’s not sliding down an ice track, he is looking to broaden his knowledge in various aspect; currently, his eyes are set on beginning his PhD. His ideal clientele are individuals looking to achieve their best possible self. Moreover, Troy values improving oneself in all facets of life especially those areas involving movement and self actualization.


Troy has something for everyone! With a base of knowledge ranging from hands on therapies to high performance athletic training; he has the tools to accelerate your progress. Take a look bellow to see what service suits you the best!


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