Personal Trainer, Coach

Professional Experience: 5 years

Certifications: RN-BSN, OPEX Associate Coach Level 1, Catalyst Weightlifting Coach

Background: Thomas is a registered nurse who has been coaching professionally since 2015. He left bedside to focus on the lifestyle factors that healthcare often overlooks to improve and individual’s health. He is an elite level CrossFit and Fitness athlete who has competed in and won well-known competitions. His passion for completion and background in nursing allows him to serve a wide array of clients, ranging from those looking to gain the competitive edge for sport, or individuals looking to advance their overall health for longevity. Thomas believes that fitness is the best tool to improving your life whether pushing the limits of performance or enhancing your quality of life.


If you are looking to improve your overall fitness, or compete in CrossFit or Olympic Weightlifting, take a look below to see what service is best for you.


“I have personally had the pleasure of working with Thomas Hoffman for the past year. When I had initially met Thomas, I had specified that my goals were intertwined with a training style that incorporated both strength conditioning and basic gymnastics. Thomas was very good at listening to what it is that I wanted and creating a training program that reflected both what I wanted and needed to succeed. Based on this programming, the numbers for my personal records for specific movements have skyrocketed. Some of these movements include the Snatch, Clean, Jerk, Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. My endurance has also increased greatly and is reflected in both my cardio and my callisthenic movements which include pull-ups, box jumps and hand-stand walks.”

Amanda Quinn


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