Steve Chambers



Personal Trainer, Coach

Professional Experience: 9 years

Certifications: Mount Royal PFT Program, Poliquin PT, Life Coaching FP

Background: Steve has been a personal trainer since 2011. His passion for fitness and helping others led him to this career and he has never looked back. He has coached 3 National Champion powerlifters and multiple natural bodybuilders. His ideal clients can range from competitive powerlifters and bodybuilders to those that are trying to live pain free and create longevity in their exercise programs. Through custom programming and dedication Steve has proven to not only help you reach your goals but also make sure you have the longevity to keep them.


If you’re looking to fix your mobility issues, get out of pain, perform better or compete in Bodybuilding or Powerlifting, take a look below to see what service works best for you.


“Steve really knows what he is doing, he really listens to what you want as far as goals and designs programs that help you attain them. I have been training with him for a long time and have made huge progress with everything. I highly recommend training with Steve if you are just starting off or have been training a long time, either way he will help you get to your goals and more.”

Brian Adams , Powerlifter, Natural Bodybuilder


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