Kaylee Bennett



Personal Trainer, Coach, Personal Cheerleader

Professional Experience: 13 years

Certifications: B. Kin Exercise and Health Physiology, Precision Nutrition Level 1, Poliquin International Certification Program Level 1 and 2, NCCP Olympic Lifting

Background:  Kaylee has been in the fitness industry for over ten years. She has worked her way up from trainer, to manager, to director, but still maintains a passion for assisting clients reach their goals. She is passionate about helping any client transform their body and their life, to find freedom through health and physical fitness – this freedom can be different things for different people:

  • Freedom to eat what you want without guilt or excessive dieting while still reaching your weight loss goals.
  • Freedom to be strong enough to feel proud of what your body can do, not only how it looks.
  • Freedom to move well enough to be free of pain and limitations.
  • Freedom to love yourself for where you are at, and where you are capable of going.
  • Transforming your body results in transforming your life.


Transform your body. Transform your life. Whatever transformation means to you; to move better, feel better, get stronger, lose weight, run faster, there is a program that can work to get you there. All you need is the right coach and the right program!


“Since starting to train with Kaylee, my fitness has improved drastically in many ways, both physically and mentally. I came with a challenge, having a history of working with many different trainers and many styles of training. There were injuries to overcome, yet I still wanted to obtain results. Kaylee has by far surpassed all expectations, her programming is unique and specific to each and every one; but then follow up, coaching, and reassurance is also there. She built my programs in a way that I can get both the mobility and strength needed to fix and repair old injuries, along with the muscle building as requested. Each workout has its own challenge and excitement and I personally see results week by week.

One of my favourite things about training with Kaylee is the personal motivation and dedication that goes into training each person. She really shows that she cares and truly wants each person to succeed.
Training with someone as awesome as Kaylee would be one of the best choices you could make for yourself to feel better physically, to improve your confidence and self-esteem, and to overcome any obstacle you face.”

Roxanne Stanley, Strong Mom of Two, Beast in the Gym

“I first started training with Kaylee in 2014 and I am still impressed by how she tailors programming to keep my motivation high and progress visible, yet I’m never exhausted or injured. That is a tricky balance to maintain. I trust her programming 100%. I would recommend her for any novice or advanced client. Her commitment to being at the leading edge or fitness comes through in her coaching and programming. I am always learning something new with Kaylee.”

Veronica Zimmerman, Engineer. Single Mom. Athlete.


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