Densa Chan



Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Coach

Professional Experience: 7 years

Certifications: Can Fit Pro PTS, Agatsu Level 1 Mobility & Movement, Precision Nutrition Level 1

Background: Densa is an elite level personal trainer and nutritionist since 2013. He began his fitness journey like any other individual who was seeking weight loss. Years later, it became a passionate career. Being top of his class, Densa has been a mentor to his peers, educating principles and practices that are client-focused.

Diverse in experience, the ideal clientele is those who are looking for long term lifestyle changes. From weight gain to weight loss, personal improvements to performance or quality of life.


“Now at first going to the gym when you are overweight can feel very intimidating. You feel scared of how you will be perceived when trying the equipment out for the first time. You feel judged about how out of shape you are. You look at some of the others and feel like you are so far from where they are, and already begin cutting yourself down thinking you will never be that. I had all these thoughts and worries but luckily a friend brought me to help me take the first step, joining. I am a driven person who wants to feel not only mentally but physically fit. I like to know how things work and know that I am doing things correctly so I decide to sign up with a trainer. A decision I will never regret. I was extremely fortunate to have spoken with other trainers to find the best fit, and Densa was it. From the beginning, he not only pushed me but helped me keep the momentum and motivation to strive for more. He pushed me in a way of just saying “Amanda you got this” or “I know you can do this”. Those simple words can take you far. “Just move don’t think” and “rep it out” are frequent ones that run through my head even in other activities. He has made me feel comfortable with not only the equipment, to speak to any trainer, but to work out safely by myself. I no longer feel judged or worried, I work out at ease. He continuously gives me tips and tricks about workouts and how to keep in line and be doing the right movements. Core tight, shoulders back, chest out, elbows in, etc. sometimes when I work out I can hear his voice in my head. The technique is key. Densa has always listened if I ever worry about an area of my body because it is giving me trouble and is someone I can rely on for help or instructions within the facility. Without Densa I would not be where I am today. I have come so far and am reaching my goals every month, setting new ones and feeling excited about what’s next. Thinking I could never get a bikini bod… Well, look at where I am now! He takes time to plan personal workout regimes for each individual client. My proof was when I changed positions within my workplace where I now bike 10k to and from work and when at work I am lifting a lot of products consistently. He made me a non-linear work out plan so I can choose what to do, depending on how different areas are feeling. Light, moderate or heavy, then between arms/shoulders/chest/back and legs/calves/glutes. With everything I have accomplished over the past three months, I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished. I am thankful for having Densa at my side through this entire process. I have confidence and love for myself, all from the hard work I have put in because of what I have learnt. I can feel such a difference from what I have done these past three months it’s outstanding, where not only people I know and work with are complimenting me, but strangers at the gym who recognize me from when I first began. It’s not just a physical difference but a mental one as well. I look forward to seeing where I continue to go, the goals I obtain and the experiences I will continue to have with Densa and the facility. I have no problem recommending people and friends to Densa as he’s an amazing personal trainer. He has been my rock.
Thank you GYMVMT and to you Densa!”

Amanda Aikens

“I’ve been training with Densa for a little over a year and a half now and I have made huge progress. When I first came to Densa I knew nothing about working out or what I should be doing, I had trouble with even the simplest exercises. Thanks to Densa I have been able to correct that and due to his encouragement, I am make it a point to fit in regular workouts into my weekly schedule. Densa has provided me with tailored programs that fit my needs and that I can accomplish with or without his help and he’s been flexible in working with both our busy schedules. He has really listened to my goals and what I wanted to accomplish and he’s gone above and beyond to help me meet them. In just a short amount of time I have gone from lifting light weights to being able to almost lift double my body weight in certain lifts, I couldn’t have done it without Densa’s support and encouragement. I am now looking for some loftier goals and with Densa’s help I know I can reach them, I Highly recommend Densa as a personal trainer and he is the first person I go to when I need fitness advice or questions.”

Shahid Majid , Zero to Hero

“I was unsure of how the gym was going to go, I have been athletic my entire life but never worked out on a proper schedule. When I first met Densa, I definitely wasn’t expecting what I found. He was energetic and pretty intense. Yet he seemed to be the perfect match, he knew how to tap into power I never knew as there. He showed me I could run harder and further than I ever thought possible. When the results started to show I was shocked. At the start my form was sloppy and I had a hard time benching even ninety-five pounds. When I look back on it now and see that I have almost doubled my bench in as little as three months, I was shocked and speechless. I lost a total of twenty-two pounds, five percent body fat, and four inches around my waist. The only thing that I have hated over the past three months is the fact that none of my pants fit me anymore. The most satisfying feeling was drilling each of the five new holes into both my work and social belts. I can find my sizes in stock now and in most styles. My options have opened up tenfold compared to 6 months ago. My confidence and self-worth have returned, and I could never be prouder of how I look and feel. I can thank a huge part of that to the support of my friends, family, and Densa. I have never felt this confident in who I am today.”

Josh Vanderhoof


Densa Chan
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