Curtis Howden



Personal Trainer, Educator, Coach

Professional Experience: 14 years

Certifications: BEd, Phys Ed Major, Medical Exercise Specialist, FRC-Mobility Specilist, Crossfit Lvl 1, NCCP Weightlifting level 1, USAW level 1, PTA Global, Agatsu Kettlebell

Background: Curtis is a trained teacher that has been personal training professionally since 2006. He left teaching after he had a trainer show him how to resolve bulged discs from a car accident. Since then he has received awards as the top personal trainer in GYMVMT, the top manager, top fundraiser and was named by Impact magazine as one of Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers in 2020. He is a record holding Olympic lifter that has taken his knowledge of high performance and extrapolated how to use movement to treat and recover from injury and optimize human performance. His ideal clients can range from competitive powerlifters and Olympic lifters to those that are trying to live pain free and optimise the rest of their lives. Curtis’ concept of fitness is based on Physical Freedom and his commitment to helping you realize, attain and in many cases regain your physical freedom is unrivaled.


If you’re looking to make your movement better, get out of pain, perform better or compete in Olympic Weightlifting or Powerlifting, take a look below to see what service works best for you.


“I have always lived an active life. From a young age I was playing competitive sports and spending time in the gym weightlifting. I struggled with self-image and constantly looked for the next fad diet or exercise regime that would get me fast results. Over the years I had seen some progress but I became increasingly frustrated with monotonous workouts and an overall general feeling of being ‘stuck’. A couple of years ago, I tore my ACL playing hockey and after two surgeries began the long road to recovery. During my recovery, my movement was extremely limited and nothing was feeling right. I continued to add exercises and attempted to strengthen my body and restore it to its pre-injury state. Focusing primarily to restore my ‘looks’ I began to slowly hurt my body to the point where one day I couldn’t even bend down to play with my daughter without being in excruciating pain. At this point, I was done with weightlifting if it wasn’t improving my life outside of the gym. My brother introduced me to Curtis a couple of years ago and I decided to reach out for help. After sitting down and discussing my situation, it became very apparent that his philosophy of fitness was what I needed. Right away, we established my ‘why’ and got started on a plan. Over the course of the next 6 weeks I saw my body transform, but not in the way I anticipated. Instead of focusing on the amount of weight I was lifting or how I was looking, I fell in love with the movement of exercises and how my body felt. With the online coaching and guidance – I learned how to properly move through exercises and in doing so found my body feeling great inside and outside of the gym. I have seen dramatic changes to my body: how it looks but more importantly how it feels and that is what gets me excited about going to the gym. With his experience and expertise I know that the goals that I am striving for will be reached, and that my body will feel healthy for years to come.”

Jon Schorr, From excruciating pain to Falling in love with Movement

“I can’t speak highly enough Curtis and his daily coaching program. I was a self taught lifter and wondered why I was constantly in discomfort after working out. Working with Curtis showed me how flawed my technique was and explained possible triggers for the pain. Even though Curtis and I have only been working together for a few months my technical progression and muscle stamina have increased dramatically. His daily coaching program is an affordable, effective and unique approach to fitness instruction that is very convenient and effective from the first videos you send. When Curtis analyzes your videos he breaks down each step of your lift and gives easy to understand explanations of what went right, what needs work, and how to correct it.”

Riky Leksen - Aspiring Powerlifter, Technical progression and muscle stamina

“I have been a competitive athlete my entire life. Starting at a young age with gymnastics, I was pushed mentally and physically. I have grown up and out of competitive gymnastics and took sights on baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. Which were all physically demanding in different ways. As I grew older I realized the importance of weightlifting, as the level of athletes grew so did the demand for physical performance. I have now been working out with weights for 8 years. My weightlifting regiment was purely one of a body builder. All I wanted to do was get stronger, bigger and a physique that would have the ladies looking. As time went on I got bored and there was a lack of motivation to continue on, it just wasn’t the style of lifting that could keep me interested. I would go on sprees of working out, 2 months here, 2 months there but nothing seemed to stick. Nothing pulled me in quite like Olympic lifting did. I met Curtis Howden, four and a half years ago which was when I was first introduced to Olympic lifting. I slowly added the movements into my workout routine, but never took it very seriously. That was until I hit a wall with my training. Motivation was at an all time low, I was tired of mindlessly going through the motions. I needed something that would push me mentally and physically as my sports career did. When Curtis introduced website to me, I was sold instantly. I knew it was the only way I could break my habits of pointless workouts, it’s what I needed to once again find passion in the art of lifting. It has only been four months since I started working online with Curtis, but in those four months I have noticed more strength gains, physical definition throughout my body, and my motivations as never been higher. With his meticulous coaching techniques and his eye for detail I have grown into an Olympic lifting athlete. I have now broken four records (of my own) on clean and jerk and snatch. In only four months he has added 30lbs to my clean and jerk, and 40lbs to my snatch. Remember though, an athlete must first trust his coach and the journey he or she is about to endure. I trust Curtis fully and listened to and applied every ounce of knowledge he threw my way. Without my trust in him I don’t know if my progress would be this dramatic. My time being coached by Curtis has been amazing, I would recommend coaching by him to anyone. If it’s body building, powerlifting, Olympic lifting or mobility. Curtis seems to be the jack of all trades. Constantly supporting me and giving me new tricks to try out to help advance my skill. I don’t know where my fitness level would be right now if I didn’t have his guidance, but I can tell you I’ve never felt as strong and confidant as I do now. I owe a lot of thanks to Curtis Howden for helping me get there.”

Axel Christoffersen - Everyday Athlete/Aspiring Olympic Lifter, Strength Gains, Definition and Motivation

“I had made a fair amount of progress as a powerlifter on my own before hitting plateaus that I couldn’t seem to break through. Since I started receiving online coaching from Curt, we’ve made massive strides, setting big PRs on the platform. The daily feedback from him has been invaluable in terms of tightening up my technique and his approach to programming addresses my individual needs and weaknesses. For anyone looking to get stronger, I can’t recommend Curt enough. He’s an expert and an indispensable resource.”

Kyle Winstanley - Powerlifter, Massive Strides & Big PR's


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