Personal Trainer, Educator, Coach

Professional Experience: 7 years

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Poliquin Certified Trainer, CPU Powerlifting Coach

Background: Alex has been personal training for a decade, professionally for 7 years. He originally began training himself and his friends to attain a stronger and better prepared body for sport (Hockey). Since beginning working with GYMVMT in 2014, Alex has received multiple awards as a top Personal trainer, and has become an educator for the company in the sport of powerlifting. Following his semi-professional hockey career, Alex went on to win two World Championships in Powerlifting. He has taken his knowledge of performance at the highest level to optimize his client’s results.

Alex’s ideal clients are those that are trying to create a stronger and pain free body to live in, or those who look to train for powerlifting specifically. Alex’s concept of fitness is based on the pursuit of becoming the strongest version of yourself, regardless of circumstance. His ability to educate his clients on how to gain strength while avoiding pain is of the highest quality.


If you’re looking to improve your technique, look better, decrease pain, perform better in your sport or compete in Powerlifting, take a look below to see what service works best for you.


“I have been training with Alex for just over 2 years now.

When I got promoted at work I decided it was time to get back into the gym as I loved training when I was in BC. Before powerlifting with Alex I was just getting back into the gym life.  I was in 3-4 days a week with little to no plan for each session I came in for.

That is when I started to chat with Alex about getting stronger.  It started when I was going for a 255 lbs bench press one rep max. He saw me struggling to get the bar off my chest and came and helped me. He then gave me one or two quick pointers and I was able to do that weight for a double within 5 minutes.

That’s when I thought training with him would be beneficial as I always thought personal training was a waste of time because I could learn it all myself (there is a lot of wrong information about the weightlifting world online).

In the 2 years I have been working with Alex, I have seen a huge increase in my Strength: Bench Press 285 lbs  one rep max to 345 lbs one rep max, Squat 355 lbs one rep max to 480 lbs one rep max, and Deadlift 385 one rep max to over 500lbs for a very easy one rep max.

I would recommend Alex to any one who wants to get strong and muscular, or to anyone who wants to get into a powerlifting competition.

He also has been working with my wife over the last year with personalized workout plans that meet her goals and needs. Alex has also made her workouts extremely fun while she’s in the gym, which has allowed her to become more consistent!

Thanks Alex!”

Devin Preissl - Aspiring Powerlifter, Technical progression

“I first started training with Alex in 2017 after deciding to make a series of life and fitness changes. I connected with his approach to fitness immediately; he showed so much enthusiasm to help others and to make working out a fun, empowering experience. The gym certainly shouldn’t be a place that invokes anxiety. while training with Alex, it just isn’t possible to have a bad time.

After a few weeks of trying powerlifting focused workouts, I became increasingly excited to test my own strength and progress as a lifter. I started competing locally in 100% Raw competitions and found myself feeling more confidence in all aspects of life. As someone with a history of disordered eating, Alex encouraged me to approach food as a positive source of fuel, rather than the enemy. He helped redirect my focus away from the numbers on a scale because, ultimately, what matters is how I feel on the inside.

The results I earned from powerlifting 3-4 times per week and eating healthy, balanced meals (without restrictions) was amazing. I went from not being able to do more than one push up, to easily doing 25. I managed a 210lb single max bench press, despite struggling with an ongoing back injury.

I am incredibly proud of my personal growth and commitment to fitness and I’m thankful for Alex’s constant understanding and encouragement. Recently, while navigating the changes in my lifestyle due to COVID 19, I have realized that my body will always change and success shouldn’t be measured by how many times I workout per week. It’s about adapting to your circumstances, always putting your mental health first, and making self love a priority alongside physical well being!

Thank you Alex! You’re amazing and anyone would be lucky to work with you.”

Erica Navickas - Aspiring Powerlifter, Lifting for life


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