Personal Trainer, Educator, Coach, Father, Leader, Innovation

Professional Coaching Experience: 16 years

Certifications: ICT Northumberland College , Medical Exercise Specialist, FRC-Mobility Specialist, Crossfit Lvl 1, Crossfit Barbell,  Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 , PTA Global, Active Release Upper & Lower Extremity Therapy, Facial Stretch Therapy,

Background: Lincoln is a top performing personal trainer focus on bringing you the best fitness experience possible. He has performed tens of thousands of personal training session in his career guiding and teaching thousands of clients to move better, eat better and live a healthier and active lifestyle.  Lincoln brings a unique approach to his coaching experience both in person and online combining his thousands of hours or experience and his wholistic background with tradition strength and conditioning teachings Lincoln is able to deliver one of the best health and wellness systems available today. Using client data and the principals of elite performance coaches has give Lincoln the ability to work with clients from all walks of life.  By Discovering your individual health and wellness goal we can customize a fitness journey that is unique to you.


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