Josh Stryde



Personal Trainer, Educator, Coach

Professional Experience: 15+ years

Certifications: Bkin (Hons), Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant™, Precision Nutrition, CanFit Personal Training Specialist, PTA Global, Twist Conditioning

Josh has been working in the fitness industry since 2005. He has helped countless people achieve their health and fitness goals over the years with his extensive experience and well-versed skill set. His primary focus involves a holistic approach that aims to create and strengthen the habits that are necessary for clients to be successful in the long-term. While working with clients and their individualized goals, Josh will provide coaching and support for all of the factors associated with an overall healthy well-being including nutrition, quality of sleep, and exercise routines. In his spare time, he is a mountain enthusiast as well as a competitive obstacle course and trail running athlete with over 50 podium finishes in national and international events. His ideal client is willing to prioritize their training and work towards achieving their optimal performance potential in a healthy and sustainable way.


A big thanks to my coach Josh for pushing me this season. He not only cared about my physical health but mental health as well which is important when you are preparing for ultra distance races. Kayla is the Spartan 2019 Rocky Mountain Ultra Beast champion.

Kayla, Nutrition Coaching and Training Client

If you are looking for a coach that will push you to your maximum potential and beyond what you believe you can accomplish, then Josh is the coach for you. After working with Josh for 8 months and knowing him throughout my running and OCR career I would highly recommend him to any athlete looking for professional guidance on how to take their performance and fitness to the next level. He takes the time to get to know his clients and their goals before developing a comprehensive and easy to follow training plan tailored specifically for that athlete. Josh is always there to help you stay on track and is extremely encouraging with constant check-ins and feedback when required. With Josh’s guidance and training plan I have been able to make some new PR’s and finish within the top elite female athletes in OCR at all of the events I have attended, including the 2019 Spartan World Championships. Jess finished 11th overall female at the Spartan World Championships in 2019.

Jessica, Run Coaching Client

I have learnt SO much from you and I am really grateful to have been able to work with you for these past few months. I’ve got so much more knowledge than ever before, so much energy, and it feels amazing to go into workouts knowing I’m prepped and ready to preform. I feel like this was the kick start I needed to take my athletics back to how I want to live my life. I’m thinking about new goals like a triathlon and trying out competing in CrossFit and I think the start of that journey was taking a better look at my nutrition. You have been so great at sharing your knowledge, tips, and ideas about how to fuel my body. I didn’t know what to expect out of this or if this was something I needed and I can now say that I’m so glad we got to work together.

Anastasia, Nutrition Coaching Client

Not only did Josh help improve my nutrition, he also educated me on the importance of recovery and stress reduction. Within a couple weeks of working with him it became apparent that I was in a state of chronic stress, physically through training and mentally through everyday life. We then worked together implementing ways reduce the stress. As a result I’ve reduced inflammation, leaned out, leading a happier lifestyle and improved athletic performance. Josh was fantastic in providing an outside perspective of my overall health and then coaching me through implementing the changes.

Laura, Nutrition Coaching Client

Thanks for providing me with the information and counseling to help me have one of the best running seasons so far. I look forward to racing alongside you this upcoming spartan season!

Tanner, Nutrition Coaching Client

I owe a TREMENDOUS thanks to Josh Stryde for his time and effort to help me! The man is a true pro on and off a race course. His own fitness and race results speak for themselves as well as his time in his profession! I continually suggest Josh to friends and family who make suggestion of wanting assistance. Josh is someone hands down without question I would suggest without hesitation to ANYONE seeking forms of assistance with their own physical health, wellness and diet. The small investment I made in myself by reaching out to Josh was absolutely well worth it and a decision if faced with again I would make the same again 100 times over. Josh, I can’t express my thanks enough! You are true pro in your profession and racing! Thank you so much for helping me find some balance in my life and fitness again!

Cody, Nutrition Coaching Client

I started working with Josh to help me lose weight and perform better at my races. Josh gave me an easy to follow meal plan and the weekly check-ins helped keep me on track and accountable. With Josh, I now feel that I can continue to maintain my weight loss and reach my goals. I’m also thrilled with my improvements in my races due to focused nutrition and preparation.

Kourtney, Nutrition Coaching Client

Josh is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to sports nutrition, and particularly OCR. With so much conflicting information out there, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, or be led down the wrong path. Having a resource like Josh in your life is indispensable if you plan to take athletics, or health, seriously. His meal plans are easy to follow since he takes such a thorough look at your needs and preferences… and might just radically change your performance.

Allison, Nutrition Coaching Client and OCR Superstar

Back in March of 2015, I decided that I needed help with my nutrition, so I met up with Josh. Since then I decided to also use him as my personal trainer, as I wanted to get in shape for my wedding in July of 2015. In the beginning I weighed 140 lbs, my body fat was at 30.5%, I was always tired, and I had little energy. After much guidance, Josh steered me in the right direction. He helped me increase my vegetable intake, made me aware of the proper way to interpret nutrition labels, and increased my knowledge of nutrition. It became a lifestyle change for me, not just a phase or a temporary diet. His encouragement and knowledge also kept me motivated enough to consistently workout. By the time my wedding arrived, my weight had dropped to 127 lbs, my body fat to 19.5%, my energy levels were way up, and my productivity levels were much higher. The benefits to the improvement of my health greatly helped my love of obstacle racing. I competed in a number of races including Tough Mudder, Rugged Maniac, Foam Fest, and Spartan Races. Thanks to Josh’s training, I even managed to run Spartan Races back to back. In October 2015, I found out I was pregnant, and the benefits of having Josh in my corner continued on. By continuing my nutrition and training throughout the pregnancy, I stayed healthy and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. It is now 6 weeks post pregnancy, and I have been able to bounce back to my healthy self, with energy levels that help my keep up with my little girl.

Carolina, Nutrition Coaching and Training Client

My wife and I started obstacle course racing last year and absolutely fell in love with it! After we had completed a Spartan Beast and felt completely defeated, we knew we needed someone to help us train properly. So over the winter we decided to look for help, with hopes to take our training up a notch, and found Josh. Ever since we’ve started with him, we’ve been hooked! He took the time to listen to our struggles and customized the programs so that we were able to reach our goals! We love the constant challenge, and the support that has come with training with him. At any time we have a question or concern, he always makes the time to help us out. The training is as much fun as the races and he has improved our race capabilities in every area. The progress that we’ve noticed is crazy, and not only have we reached our goals, we’ve also progressed in other areas that we’ve never even considered. He gave us the opportunity to feel a purpose in our training again, push ourselves, and has been amazing and supportive every step of the way. We can’t wait to race again, as we have so much more confidence in ourselves, and in our racing capabilities. Thanks so much Josh!

Ben & Karsyn, Training Clients


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